Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves as counsel to the Subcabinet, and is chaired by Dr. George Arlotto, Superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.
The Governor selects the Chair from current Advisory Board membership. The Advisory Board represents a number of agencies and stakeholder groups, and they are as follows:

  • Katherine Klausmeier, Maryland State Senate​

  • Eric Ebersole, Maryland House of Delegates

  • Karin Bailey, Maryland Association of Boards of Education

  • Dr. Kellie Anderson, School Psychologist

  • Pamela Gaddy, Maryland State Education Association

  • James T. Bell, Parent of a Public School Student

  • Lourdes Padilla, Secretary, Department of Human Services

  • Sam Abed, Secretary, Department of Juvenile Services

  • Jon Carrier, Maryland Association of School Resource Officers

  • Sheriff Scott Adams, Maryland Sheriffs’ Association

  • Chief Paul Kifer, Maryland Chief's of Police Association

  • Laurel Moody, Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems

  • David Engel, Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center

  • Rachael Faulkner, Maryland Assembly on School-Based Health Care

  • Claire Cabral, Maryland Association of Student Councils

  • Dr. Sharon A. Hoover, Center for School Mental Health

  • Megan Berger, Disability Rights Maryland

  • Dr. Jodi Colman, School Principal

  • Captain Patrick D. Herring, Parent of a Child with Disabilities

  • Thomas E. Alban, Representative of a Non-Public School

  • Manfred Reek, Representative of School Bus Drivers

  • Nicholas Shockney, Special Education Administrator, Carroll County Public Schools

  • Lee-Nadine Oppenheim, Non-Public Special Education Facility​

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​