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​​​​​​​​Welcome to Safe Schools Maryland - an ANONYMOUS and FREE reporting system available to students, teachers, school staff members, parents, and the general public to report any school or student safety ​concerns, including mental health concerns.  Safe Schools Maryland is Maryland’s only o​fficial anonymous reporting system. Safe Schools Maryland operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.  Your anonymous report can be submitted by calling the tip line (1-833-MD-B-SAFE / 1-833-632-7233), completing an online form (below), or downloading the free Safe Schools Maryland app from the App Store or Google Play.​ 

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1-833-MD-B-SAFE / 1-833-632-7233​


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All students should feel comfortable in Maryland’s schools. Children and young adults are stronger students when they feel safe and secure. Strong students go on to serve as the foundation for strong communities. 

Safe Schools Maryland exists to ensure that our schools and our students remain safe and secure. With Safe Schools Maryland, all interested members of our communities are able to report their school and student safety concerns anonymously and sec​urely.  



Specific Instructions​

Thank you for taking the time to repo​rt your concerns anonymously.  When completing the process, please provide as much information as possible to allow the professional report/tip takers to fully inve​stigate your concern​.  Give a summary of the issue in the narrative section and include detailed information ab​out the people involved in the provided fields.  You can also attach photos and videos if they will assist with the investigation of your report/tip. ​Once you submit, you will receive a Tip ID and password.  Keep this information so that you can return to your report/tip in the future if you need to add information or to find out if the report/tip takers have asked any follow up questions.  If you are using the app to submit your report/tip, be sure to log out when you are finished. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

  1. What should I report?

  2. Any school or student safety concern.​

  1. In which​ situations should I report?

  2. When you want to remain anonymous. The system does not replace calling 911 for immediate life safety issues or direct contact with your school, administration, counselors, SROs, or other school personnel. If you need direct contact with school officials, whether at the school, county, or state level, or when you require updates on the situation, we encourage you to contact the school or visit the school system’s website for information on who may be able to assist you with your concern. For example, every school system has an online bullying form. ​

  1. How do I know my anonymous report/tip was received?

  2. You will receive a response.  You may receive questions if more information is needed; therefore, be sure to retain the Tip ID and password, which allows you to access your submitted report/tip after initial submission.  Please keep in mind that because this is an anonymous reporting system, you will not receive updates on the situation. ​

  1. What if I’m not sure of what I heard?

  2. REPORT IT!  It is better to report it and allow the proper parties to investigate it than to not report it and risk someone getting hurt. ​

  1. Where can I find more information?

  2. More information is available at the Maryland Center for School Safety website​.​

  1. What if the person doesn’t go to my school? Should I still report?

  2. ​Absolutely!  Provide as much information as possible and we can get the information to the proper personnel.​

  1. How long will it take to investigate my anonymous​ report?

  2. Your report will instantly be sent to the appropriate contacts for investigation.  The time it takes to complete the investigation varies. ​​

  1. I didn’t hear about the student receiving a consequence. How do I know it was handled/investigated?

  2. Because this is an anonymous reporting system and due to FERPA / student privacy laws, we cannot disclose the progress or results of an investigation.​ ​

  1. ​Is my Maryland school listed in or a member of Safe Schools Maryland?

  2. Most Maryland K-12 schools are listed in Safe Schools Maryland​; yet, even if your school is not listed, do note that anonymous reports can be made relating to any school in Maryland by selecting "All Other MD Schools" when making a report. When a school does become a member of Safe Schools Maryland, that school's officials immediately receive any anonymous reports concerning students, teachers, and/or activities at, near, or related to their school. This, in turn, gives the school the opport​unity to quickly resolve most matters appropriately in-house before relatively benign issues or situations develop into emergencies.

  1. Do school officials know how to properly handle anonymous reports/tips?

  2. Yes, every year the Maryland Center for School Safety holds many training sessions for school officials to ensure that they know how to properly handle anonymous reports/tips. 

  1. What if I want to report bullying, but not anonymously?

  2. ​Most school systems have an easy way to do just that through their Bullying Reporting Forms. If you have a bullying concern for which you would like to be contacted or prefer to have documentation of your bullying report, you have the option to complete your school system’s form. Links to the forms are listed alphabetically by Maryland public school system below. If you prefer to report a bullying tip AND remain anonymous, please use Safe Schools Maryland. Remember that Safe Schools Maryland does NOT provide updates on submitted tips. 

  1. I am concerned about human trafficking. How do I learn more?

  2. We recommend that you visit the National Human Trafficking Resource Center​ to learn more about this very important topic. 

  1. I am contemplating suicide or self harm. Are there resources available to me beyond 911 or Safe Schools Maryland?

  2. Yes, Maryland has a crisis hotline that you can call at 1-800-422-0009.

  1. I am concerned about child abuse or neglect. How can I report that non-anonymously?

  2. Child Protective Services offices across the State of Maryland and in other jurisdictions regularly accept such reports. Click the button below to contact the most appropriate CPS office for your concerns. 

    Report Child Abuse or Neglect Button

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