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Maryland Center for School Safety - 2023 Reports


​Read/Download MCSS 2023 Reports​

​School Safety Annual Report 2023​​
Download School Safety Annual Report 2023 pdf
SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2023
​​Download SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2023 pdf​
Use of Force Report 2023
Download Use of Force Report 2023 pdf

Maryland Center for School Safety - 2022 Reports


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​School Safety Annual Report 2022​Download School Safety Annual report 2022 pdf
SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2022
​​Download SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2022 pdf​
Use of Force Report 2022
Download Use of Force Report 2022 pdf

Maryland Center for School Safety - 2021 Reports


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​School Safety Annual Report 2021​​​
Download​ School Safety Annual Report 2021 pdf​​​​​​
SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2021​
​​Download SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2021 pdf
Use of Force Report 2021
Download Use of Force Report 2021 pdf

Maryland Center for School Safety - 2020 Reports


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​School Safety Annual Report 2020​

​Download​ School Safety Annual Report 2020 pdf​​
SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2020
​​Download SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2020 pdf
Use of Force Report 2020​​Download Use of Force Report 2020 pdf


Maryland Center for School Safety - 2019 Reports


Read/Download MCSS 2019 Reports

School Safety Annual Report 2019​​​​​​Download School Safety Annual Report 2019 ​pdf​
SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2019​​ ​​Download SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2019​ ​pdf​​


Maryland Center for School Safety - 2018 Reports


Read/Download MCSS 2018 Reports

School Safety Annual Report 2018
Down​load School Safety Annual Report 2018​ pdf
​SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2018Download ​SRO Adequate Coverage Report 2018 pdf
​Maryland Behavioral Health Gap Analysis Report 20​18​​
Download  Maryland Behavioral Health Gap Analysis Report 2018 ​​pdf
​Maryland Behavioral Health Gap Analysis Report 2018 - v2 Revised​ ​Download​ Maryland Behavioral Health Gap Analysis Report 2018 - v2 Revised​ pdf



Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018


The Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018 (Senate Bill 1265) was signed into law by Governor Hogan on April 10, 2018.  This legislation included increased funding for the Maryland Center for School Safety, the creation of aggressive statewide standards for school safety, requirements for the standardized training and certification for all school resource officers, and requirements for each school system to develop behavioral assessment teams to identify and provide interventions for students who may pose a threat to safety. ​​

Archived School Safety Subcabinet Meeting Documents


Archived Safety Subcabinet Documents

Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2019
Meeting Date​
Agenda and Minutes
Archived Video
January 28, 2019Jan 2019 Agenda and MinutesN/A
​February 25, 2019 Feb 2019 Agenda and Minutes
March 25, 2019Mar 2019 Agenda and Minutes
April 15, 2019 Apr 2019 Agenda and MinutesN/A
May 20, 2019May 2019 Agenda and MinutesN/A
​August 19, 2019 Aug 2019 Agenda and MinutesN/A​
September 16, 2019Sep 2019 Agenda and MinutesArchived Video
October 21, 2019Oct 2019 Agenda and Minutes Archived Video
November 18, 2019 Nov 2019 Agenda and MinutesArchived Video
December 16, 2019 Dec 2019 Agenda and Minutes ​Archived Video


Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2021
​​​Meeting Date​
​Meeting Transcript*
Archived Video
​Feb 08, 20221
May 10, 2021
May - Agenda​
​​May - Meeting Transcript
​May - Archived Video​​
Aug 09, 2021
Aug - Agenda
Aug - Meeting Transcript
Aug - Archive​d Video
Nov 08, 2021
Nov - Agenda 
Nov - Meeting Transcript​
Nov - Archived Video
*MCSS has used a third party to prepare an accessible transcript of these meetings. This transcript has not been checked, proofread, or corrected by MCSS, and thus MCSS assumes no liability for any errors or omissions during transcription. Should you find any errors, please send them to admin.mcss@maryland.gov for review.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2020​
​​Meeting Date​​
​Archived Video
​Jan 13, 2020
​​Jan - Agenda Jan - ​Archived Video
​Feb 10, 2020​
​Mar 16, 2020
​Apr 20, 220
​May 18, 2020
Jun 15, 2020 (virtual)
 Jun - Agenda Jun - Archived Video​
​Aug 31, 2020 (virtual)
 Aug - Agenda
 ​Aug - Archived Video​
​Nov 9, 2020
Nov - Agenda​Nov - Archived Video​​

Archived School Safety Advisory Board Meeting Documents


Archived Advisory Board Documents​​​

Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2019

Meeting Date​ Agenda and Minutes ​​Documents
January​ Cancelled
​February 4, 2019
Feb 2019 Agenda and Minutes
​March 4, 2019
​Mar 2019 Agenda and Mintues​​N/A
​April 8, 2019
​Apr 2019 Agenda and Mintues​​​N/A
​May 6, 2019
​May 2019 Agenda and Mintues​​N/A
​July 1, 2019 July 2019 Agenda and Mintues​​​N/A
​October 7, 2019Oct 2019 Agenda and Minutes​​​N/A
December, 2019Dec 2019 Agenda and Minutes​​​​N/A​


Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2020​​

​Meeting Date
​Agenda and Minutes
​Documents and Archived Video
​​Feb - Agenda and Minutes​
Mar - Agenda and Minutes
No Meeting
No Meeting
Sep - Agenda
Sep - Archived Video
Nov - Agenda
​​Nov - Archived Video
 Dec - Agenda
​​Dec - Archived Video

Meeting Agenda and Minutes 2021​​ ​

​Meeting Date​
​Agenda and Minutes
​Documents and Archived Video
No Meeting
 Mar - Agenda​​
Mar - A​rchived Video
 May - Archived Video
2021 Conference Read Ahead
​No Meeting​​
No Meeting
No Meeting
No Meeting
 Oct - Agenda
Oct - Archived Video
Document 1 - HCPSS
Document 2 - SMCPS
​Nov - Agenda​
​​Nov - Archived Video
​December ​
​​Dec - Agenda
Dec - Archived Video

Maryland's Model Policy for Behavior Threat Assessment


Maryland's Model Policy for Behavior Threat Assessment​ - Download pdf​

MCSS Behavioral Threat Assessment Implementation Guide - Download pdf​

Maryland Behavior Threat Assessment Crosswalk of Documents - Download pdf

CDC/MCSS CPTED School Safety Evaluation Tool


CDC_MCSS CPTED School Safety Evaluation Tool  - The purpose of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) School Assessment (CSA) is to rate the physical parts of the school that may impact youth fear and aggressive behavior. This rating scale is based upon the school's CPTED principles as defined on page 32.​​​

Study of Emergency Notification in Maryland Public Schools (Dec. 2023)


​​Study of Emergency Notification in Maryland Public Schools​ - ​ During the Summer and Fall of 2023, the Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS), in coordination with the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS), undertook a study related to emergency notifications in Maryland schools. The study was an outgrowth of SB0677, proposed in the 2023 Maryland General Assembly legislative session, which would have established a Statewide Secure Schools Emergency Response Program funded by annual appropriations in the State budget.   As part of the study, MCSS and CHHS convened a working group of stakeholders from a diverse set of institutions for a series of meetings to discuss existing school notification systems and the feasibility and desirability of instituting such a program statewide in Maryland.  CHHS conducted research into school emergency communications in other States, including States that have adopted versions of Alyssa’s Law. ​​


Maryland Center for School Safety Data Hub - Coming Soon


​Coming Soon ...

Maryland Schools Transportation Safety Study

The Maryland Schools Transportation Safety Study identifies the vehicular crashes that occurred within a one-mile radius of the 1,449 public schools that were in service during at least one, or all years in the study. Those crashes were further used to break down the hotspots in vehicular, bike and pedastrian safety surrounding a school. This pilot study was conducted by MCSS in partnership with MDOT-MVA MHSO and Washington College in 2023. Further studies are planned every 5 years to analyze the trends and the progress in school transportation safety.


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