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FY22 MCSS Grant Program Details

The mission of Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) is to promote and enhance safer school communities. 
This is done through various training, grant, and community outreach programs.
MCSS is announcing three different grants in Fiscal Year 2022. Local school systems within the State of Maryland, as well as non-public and private schools, and child care centers are all eligible to apply depending on the type of grant selected.

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Hate Crimes Grant (HCG)

This Grant is no longer Accepting Applications - Application Deadline: August 6, 2021​


Hate Crimes Grant (HCG) is a competitive, state-funded reimbursement grant awarded to eligible local school systems, non-public schools, private schools, and childcare centers determined to be at risk of hate crime incidents. Below are the categories funded.​ 

Categories Funded

  • ​Additional security training
  • ​Security personnel
  • ​Security cameras
  • Security related technology
  • ​Door hardening
  • Improved lighting
  • Other security-related facility upgrades

Eligible to Apply

  • Local School System​s
  • Non-public and Private Schools
  • Childcare Centers​​​​

Grant Documents​​ (Pre-award) Additional Forms (Post award)
- FY2022 Hate Crimes Grant NOFA - Link IconQuarterly Progress Report Form
​- FY2022 Hate Crimes Grant Application Form
​- Link IconFinal Project Report Form​
- Itemized Budget Template​ ​- Excel IconInvoice Template
- Project Timeline Template​ ​- Link IconGrant Reallocation Request Form


Frequently Asked Questions on MCSS Grants:​​

My organization is eligible to submit a continuation of FY2021 SRO Program application. However, with staffing changes that require new signatures on the existing MOU.


​​​Is a completely new application required? Or can I still submit for a continuation of FY2021 SRO Program?​

A completely new application is not required. MCSS understands that personnel changes often and it would not be unusual for new signatures to be required. If this is the case, include the updated signed MOU – with no other programmatic changes – to the one-page application. 

My organization qualifies for more than one grant. May I just submit one application for all grants?


No. A separate application is required for each grant.

My organization qualifies for the Hate Crimes Grant; but we have multiple locations that are impacted by hate crime incidents within the State. Can we submit one application for all the locations?


No. MCSS will accept applications for multiple locations. However, one application must be submitted for each eligible location.​

Will my application be reviewed on a first come first serve basis?


No. Except for the non-competitive grants, all applications will be reviewed after the submission deadline.

What if I have more questions after reviewing the NOFA?


You may reach out to MCSS by sending an email to mcss.mcss@maryland.gov​​.

My organization is a local public school system. How do I know how much I am eligible to apply for in the Safe Schools Fund grant?


Because this is not a competitive grant, the allocation for each local school system is provided in the NOFA for the Safe Schools Fund Grant. Please refer to the “Allocation” section on the Safe Schools Fund Grant NOFA for the allocated amount for your institution.

How can I check the status of my application?


Except for the non-competitive grants, all applications received will be reviewed after the deadline for each grant submission has been reached. Generally, an entity can expect a notice of grant award approval/denial within thirty to sixty days after the deadline for submission has been reached. 

Please refer to the “Important Dates” section in your NOFA for more information. You may also reach out to directly to the MCSS Grants Management team via email at mcss.mcss@maryland.com.

How do I know if my organization is eligible for a particular grant?


Please refer to the “Eligibility Criteria” on the NOFA to confirm if your organization is eligible to apply.​

When should I expect my notice of grant award after I have been notified of my grant approval?


Generally, an entity may expect a notice of grant award within 21-days after receiving an Approval Letter.

Why do I need to submit a W-9 when I applied and received an award in the past?


This is to ensure that MCSS has the most accurate organization EIN and address on file to allow proper disbursement of invoice payments.​

Can my organization still apply even though I may have received funding for this grant in the past?​


Yes. All applications that meet the eligibility requirements will be considered.

Would I be able to amend my grant after it has already been approved?


Yes. In order to amend or realign grant funds, please fill out the Grant Realignment Request form under Post Award documents available on our website. All relevant support documentation for the request must be attached.  

When can I submit invoices?


Invoices can be submitted on a quarterly basis, provided award is in compliance. Awards deemed not in compliance will result in invoices not getting paid. Proof of completion of work must be included with all submissions.

Is this a multi-year grant?


No. Funds allocated through this grant are only available for use in the fiscal year in which it is granted. Refer to NOFA for the specific grant performance period.​

Can I withdraw my application? What if I was already approved?

Yes. An application may be withdrawn. Please send an email to mcss.mcss@maryland.gov​ to withdraw your application.

You may also request to cancel an application that has already been approved for which a NOGA was not provided. Please send an email to mcss.mcss@maryland.gov​ with request.

An award which has already been approved with a NOGA issued, may be terminated by one or both parties with written notice.  If the award is terminated before the end of the funding period, an accounting of the year-to-date expenses must be provided within 30 calendar days after termination.

Who owns the equipment purchased with the grant funds?


The grantee owns the title to equipment purchased with grant funds; however, it is important to note that the equipment must only be used by the program or project for which it was acquired.

Is it considered “double dipping” if I receive funding from another state agency for the same type of grant?


Yes. While eligible entities are encouraged to apply for various State grants, it is important to avoid submitting duplicate requests for the same purpose, to various agencies in order to solicit awards.