Critical Life-Threatening Incident Reports

Pursuant to Maryland Ann. Code Ed. Art.§  7-1510(g)​, Maryland public schools are required to report to MCSS when a critical life-threatening incident occurs on school grounds. The diagram below outlines the steps and timeframes involved in the reporting process. Refer to COMAR 14.40.05 for the timeframe and required steps in the reporting process in the aftermath of an event. 

Process diagram showing how the CLT reporting is performed as listed in text above.

School Year 2022-2023 CLT Reports


​Read/Download MCSS SY​2022-2023 Reports​​

​​Date / CLT#​​​​​


​Report Download​

​2022-08-18/ CLT 23​​​​​​


Download CLT-23-SY22-23

​​2022-08-21​​/​​ CLT 24


Dow​nload CLT-24-SY22-23

​2022-09-02/ CLT 25​​​

​Baltimore City

​Download CLT-25-SY22-23

​2022-09-02/ CL​T 27

​Baltimore County

Download​​ CLT-27-SY22-23

2022-09-20/ CLT 28​

​​​Baltimore County

​Download CLT-28-SY22-23

​​2022-10-19/CLT 29​

​St. Mary's

Download CLT-29-SY22-23

​2022-11-18/ CLT 30


Download CLT-30-SY22-23​

​​​2022-12-08/CLT 31​

Prince Georges​​​

​Download CLT-31-SY22-23

2022-11-23/ CLT 32​​​

​Baltimore County​

Downloa​d CLT-32-SY22-23​

2022-11-23/ CLT 33​​​​


Downloa​d CLT-33-SY22-23

​​2022-11-23/ CLT 3​​4
Prince Georges​​​
Downloa​d CLT-34-SY22-23

School Year 2021-2022 CLT Reports


Read/Download MCSS SY​2021-2022 Reports​

Date / CLT#


Report Download

​​​​2022-04-28 / CLT 22​​
​​Download CLT-22-SY21-22
​​​​2022-04-21 / CLT 20
Baltimore City
Download CLT-20-SY21-22
​​​​2022-03-29 / CLT 21
​Baltimore County
Download CLT-21-SY21-22
​​​​2022-03-03 / CLT 01
Download CLT-16-SY21-22
​​​​​​​2022-02-23 / CLT 15​
​Prince Georges
Download CLT-15-SY21-22
​​​​2022-02-1​4 / CLT 17​​
Download CLT-17-SY21-22
​2022-02​-08​ / CLT 18​
​Baltimore County
Download CLT-18-SY21-22
​​​​​​2022-01-21 / CLT 13
Download CLT-13-SY21-22
​​​​​2021-12-16 / CLT 12
Download CLT-12-SY21-22
​​2021-12-02 / CLT 04​
​Baltimore County
Download CLT-04-SY21-22
​​​2021-11-16 / CLT 08
Download CLT-08-SY​21-22
​​2021-11-08 / CLT 05​
Download CLT-05-SY21-22
​​2021-11-01 / CLT 06​​
Download CLT-06-SY21-22​
​2021-10-17 / CLT 03​​
Download CLT-03-SY21-22
2021-09-30 / CLT 02
Download CLT-02-SY21-22
2021-09-29 / CLT 09​
Prince Georges
Download CLT-0​9-SY21-22
2021-09-29 / CLT ​01​
Anne Arundel​
Download CLT-01-SY21-22

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